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Meet Sonny—an incredible man who has served numerous families and his community for decades. Born and raised in the rural landscapes surrounding Centerville, Iowa, Sonny's childhood years were spent living in farm life, where he and his siblings learned the value of hard work in a close-knit, Christian family.


From a young age, Sonny felt the call to ministry, a journey that defined his purpose and guided his path. Sonny's commitment to service has spanned over FOUR DECADES as a beloved pastor in Iowa. His dedication not only witnessed the construction and startup of churches but touched the lives of countless families, shaping the fabric of his community.


Along with working as a full time pastor Sonny was also successful as a respected real estate agent and owner of a car dealership, among many other endeavors.  Sonny's unwavering faith and devotion to his family remain constant.  


Positive Emissions Life Documentary
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