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Meet Bonnie, an extremely kind and witty woman born in 1935 in the quaint town of Baxter, Iowa. In this captivating documentary, Bonnie reminisces about her vivid memories of World War II and her experiences attending a country school. She shares heartwarming stories of meeting Jerry, her future husband, as a young child and their journey of love that culminated in marriage right after high school.

Bonnie and Jerry’s love story is one for the ages, as they not only built a beautiful family with four children but also embarked on countless adventures around the world. With a spirit of resilience and a heart full of love, Bonnie has moved 25 times, living in various places across the globe. Her kindness and wit shine through as she reflects on the joys and challenges of her incredible journey.


Now a beloved matriarch, Bonnie cherishes her large family, which includes multiple grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Despite the many changes and moves, Bonnie’s enduring love for her family remains a constant. Join in celebrating a life well lived, filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

It was so inspiring to capture Bonnie's stories and to hear about all the incredible adventures she has been on so far.  She is surrounded by a close and loving family which was heartwarming to see.

Thank you for the opportunity to capture Bonnie's life stories and experiences.



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