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life documentary film

Lois W.

Meet Lois. Born in the rural heartlands of 1930s Iowa, her story is a testament to the unwavering strength and grace that shaped her into the remarkable woman she is today.


Lois's childhood was spent around endless cornfields and the company of her loyal companion, Pet, the horse she rode to her one-room country school.

Lois remembers hearing a crackling voice on the radio announced the shattering news of Pearl Harbor. Though her family of farmers was not deeply impacted by rationing, she remembers the impact it made on her community.


There were many moments of happiness throughout Lois' younger years. She loved going to dance halls with her friends. The most special part of Lois's story was her love for Reuben. They were like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. But life isn't always fair. Reuben passed away, leaving Lois with a heart full of love and memories.

Lois's unwavering pride in her family shines through every tale she tells, reflecting the depth of her love and the resilience that carried her through life's storms.

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