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Lois is a woman whose journey began in the serene landscapes of rural Iowa, but her story reaches far beyond. Rooted in strong Christian values, Lois's life is an extraordinary journey painted with faith, family, and unexpected adventures.


Growing up amidst the charm of a humble farm in Iowa, Lois's life took flight when she clinched a high school contest, winning airplane pilot lessons! Those lessons marked the beginning of an exhilarating journey as she learned to navigate the skies over her farmhouse and Clear Lake, Iowa.

Amidst her high-flying dreams, fate led her to meet her soulmate at a Bible camp. Together, they raised two incredible sons, one of whom joined their family through adoption, a testament to Lois's boundless love.


For Lois, family is everything. Her unwavering love extends not just to her sons but also to her adored grandchildren, each one a cherished chapter in her life's adventure.


Lois' life has been adorned with resilience, steadfast faith, and the unyielding power of family. Her story isn't just about soaring in the skies but also about the enduring impact of love and values.

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