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Meet Ann, a remarkable woman born in Iowa in 1949. This heartwarming documentary takes you through her life, from her early days as an only child with a deep love for animals to growing up in Ottumwa, Iowa.

Back then, Iowa was all about hard work, tight-knit communities, and strong family values. Ann's parents owned a small grocery store in Ottumwa, where she spent much of her childhood. Everyone knew each other, and the community's support was invaluable.

Ann's life took a turn when she lost her father as a young girl, a moment that deeply influenced her path. But she found strength and compassion in the bonds of her close-knit community. During her college years in the 1960s, amidst a changing America, she met Howard, her soulmate. Their love story has spanned over 50 years, filled with unwavering support and deep affection.

Together, they raised two children and now enjoy their role as grandparents to multiple grandchildren. Ann's kindness and resilience are evident in everything she does, a true reflection of the values she grew up with in Iowa.

It was an incredible honor to capture Ann's stories.



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