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serving iowa + beyond

Iowa Documentary Legacy Video

Life Documentarian/Filmmaker

creating REAL LIFE DOCUMENTARIES about your closest loved ones'
with filmed interviews and photography.

Learn firsthand about your grandparent or parent's life experiences and
build a deeper relationship through hearing their life stories.
It's time to celebrate our loved ones and let them how much of an
impact they have made on our families.

Life Documentaries

I'm here for it all. The raw REAL life stories told firsthand from our most cherished loved ones. The stories that can not be found on tv or  on social media, but the real stories told by your parents or grandparents 

The stories you never want to forget, but want to cherish and share with your families for generations and generations to come.

The stories that have made a deep impact on you and your family.

This is your family history after all, capture it while you still get to.

Iowa Documentaries Life Documentary


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