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Uncovering Family Treasures: The Journey through a Life Documentary- A 6 Part Series -


Uncover the Tapestry of Your Family's Story

Welcome to a journey that goes back in time—a journey into the heart of your family's history, where stories are not just tales but the threads that weave the tapestry of your legacy. This 6 part series offers an opportunity to learn how these journeys with your loved ones offer a chance to explore their stories, many of which you may have never heard.

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In this series, we will dig into the art of creating family life documentaries, a remarkable opportunity to preserve the stories, memories, and wisdom of your dearest relatives for generations to come. Like you, I have had the privilege of venturing on this remarkable adventure, sharing the screen with my own grandparents, and witnessing a transformation that words alone cannot convey, but the video will last forever.

Each part of this series will unravel a different facet of the journey:

  • Part 1: A Trip Down Memory Lane: We'll start by embarking on a journey of family memories, understanding the profound impact of preserving your family's stories.

  • Part 2: Discovering Hidden Treasures: Discovering Hidden Treasures will take you on an unexpected voyage into the uncharted waters of your loved ones' lives.

  • Part 3: The Power of Conversation: The power of conversation will show you how everyday discussions can become gateways to the depths of their experiences.

  • Part 4 The Magic of Story Telling: The magic of storytelling will transport you to different eras as you unravel the tapestry of their lives.

  • Part 5: Uncovering More Treasures: Uncovering more treasures will uncover a treasure trove of stories, both quirky and heartwarming, that add a new layer of richness to your family history.

  • Part 6: Embraces The Riches of Your Family's Story Finally, we'll explore how to embrace the riches of your family's story, understanding that this journey is not just about documenting the past—it's about discovering the hidden gems within the hearts of your loved ones.

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But this series is more than a guide; it's an invitation. An invitation to explore, to connect, and to celebrate the stories that define your family. So, as we embark on this adventure together, remember that the most important step is to start the conversation and let the stories flow. In doing so, you'll uncover the incredible gems that have been waiting to be discovered within your own family's history.


--Brittany Overton

Owner, Positive Emissions

Brittany Overton, Life Documentarian
Brittany Overton, Life Documentarian


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