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Life Documentaries

Life Documentarian/Filmmaker

a trusted collaborating partner of 

Iles Funeral Homes

Life Legacy
Documentary film

  • Multi-Camera In-Home Filmed Interview

  • 45 Minute Edited Custom Documentary Film

    • ​​(interview footage, personal photos/home videos, historical footage, music)

  • Private downloadable Link + Gallery 

  • Shortened version of film at celebration of life

pricing ($2500 regular price)
(exclusively through iles book for $2250)



  • Filmed in-home couple's interview, Multi-camera

  • Couple's portraits/lifestyle images

  • 15 Minute Edited Documentary Film

    • (interview footage, personal photos, cinematic music)

  • Private downloadable Link + Gallery 

pricing- $1500 regular
(exclusively through iles book for $1350)

serious illness

  • Multi-Camera In-Home Interview

  • 45 Minute Edited Custom Documentary Film

    • ​​(interview footage, personal photos/home videos, historical footage, music)

  • Private Downloadable/Shareable Link

  • Shortened version of film at celebration of life

  • Additional compassionate questions regarding specific messages to family members, illness journey (if desired)

  • Ability to film at home or medical facility if requested

This might perhaps be the most important and meaningful time to record life stories. 

Life documentaries are so important in these moments.  It ensures the memory and legacy of a person can live on forever. It is a way for a husband to see and hear his wife tell her stories, a way for children to see their parent again. To have the ability to hear their stories and see their expressions.  It's a way for future generations to actually meet and learn about that person through stories told firsthand by them. These documentaries serve as a priceless keepsake the whole family will cherish.

pricing- $2500 regular
(exclusively through iles book for $2250)

Theater Marquee Lights

Share Your Film

ways to

Watching TVs

Watch Privately at Home

Watch your film in the comfort of your own home while reliving your most valuable experiences. You'll love seeing how your stories, personal photos and music come together to beautifully tell your story. You're the star of the show-

a wonderful way to feel proud of yourself for all you have overcome and experienced throughout your life journey so far.  You deserve it!


Movie Night

Watch your film surrounded by your closest family and friends! Grab your favorite snacks, dim the lights and experience the power of your stories together.  This will be a family night you'll never forget.  After the movie is over, keep the conversation going- your family is sure to have more questions for you and will be in awe of the experiences you have had throughout your life so far. 

Old Globe

send your film near and far

The great thing about having your stories told in a film is the ability to send as many copies as you'd like to family and friends.  Family members out of state and even out of the country can watch your film with just the click of a button. Pretty amazing, isn't it?! 

Image by Rebecca Peterson-Hall

Have the ability to share your most important life stories with family, friends and the community when it means the most - at your celebration of life.  With the combined assistance of Iles staff and Brittany from Positive Emissions, you can ensure your legacy will be carried on during your service and beyond to help comfort your loved ones. Most importantly, have the peace of mind knowing you will be leaving your family and friends with an impactful gift - your stories told firsthand by you.

of a life well lived


to do This?!

Capturing your life stories will be one of the most meaningful gifts you could give yourself, your family and your future generations. Let's make history!


Thanks for submitting!

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