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I'll answer a few common questions I typically hear.  If your question isn't on this page please reach out to me- I would love to answer any questions you may have.  No question is a silly one, all are welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions  

Who are legacy sessions meant for?

Legacy sessions are for your loved ones who have made an impression on you. The ones you never want to forget.  As our parents and grandparents age we are reminded that life can be short. Legacy sessions are meant to capture your loved one in the moment

I want to have my loved one's stories recorded, but how do I bring it up to them?

I am a big advocate for embracing the moment.  This is a great opportunity to tell your loved one how much they mean to you and how much you value them.  The legacy sessions are all about celebrating your loved one!  It's a chance to pause in our busy lives and show our loved ones how much they have impacted our own journeys. It's okay to tell your loved one "I don't know what tomorrow will bring, which is why I want to always have your stories recorded because I love you and value your impact you have made on my life. I want to celebrate you." 

If I have my loved one record their legacy does that mean their life is almost over?

In life we will experience moments when our loved ones are faced with really challenging moments such as serious/terminal disease and the process of aging. During these moments is typically when our priorities change and we realize how much we want to hold on to our loved ones stories. Even when someone is face with a terminal disease though it doesn't mean their legacy is over. Everyday we live on this earth we build more of our legacy.  Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring despite how healthy we are. New things are learned and new experiences are had with each rising sun. 

These sessions are meant for us to pause and show our loved ones how much they mean to us. Just because a legacy session is recorded it doesn't mean it's a one and done session. New stories and experiences can be added onto a legacy sessions 5, 10, 15 years down the road!

What are the most common topics in a legacy session?

Major life milestones are great topics. Childhood memories, college experiences, proposal and wedding stories, marriage advice, the birth of children, etc.  The milestones we all experience create some amazing stories and memories to capture in a legacy session. Everyone is different- each life story has it's own personality and character!

Will you travel to record my loved one's legacy?

Currently I am mostly serving families in Iowa but I am not opposed to traveling to your loved one! Send me a message, I would love to chat!

Where should a legacy session be filmed?

I prefer to film legacy video interviews at your loved one's home as that is where they are most comfortable.  Sometimes there are circumstances where filming at home just isn't possible.  For some, filming in a hospital room or from a hospice bed is the only option available for them.  Whatever your loved one's needs are I am here for you. 

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